Rauch-Buerster Family
Larry Rauch
George Rauch and Helen Buerster are pictured above on their Wedding Day, 10 January 1893.

Jacob Rauch and his wife, Anna Marie Schäfer, with their children Philomena, George and Constad migrated aboard the ship, Deutschland from Bremen arriving in New York, 13 May 1872. The Rauch family was from Neubrunn bei Würzburg.

Peter Bürster(1) with his wife Elizabeth Nicklaes, daughter Catherine and son Peter(2) migrated to New Orleans aboard the Ship Globe arriving 7 May 1853. Both Bürsters were born in Bliesranbach, Saarland, Germany, the Nicklaes family came from nearby Auersmacher. They lived shortly in southern Indiana where a daughter Maria Magdelena was born in 1854, then finally moved to Clay County, Illinois by 1858.

Peter Philip Helfert and future wife, Elisabeth Fabian migrated from Rotterdam to New York aboard the Garonne arriving 5 June 1844. Peter was born in Erbach by Heppenheim and Elisabeth was born in nearby Wald-Erlenbach, her father was from Fürth, Oldewald, Germany. Peter and Elisabeth had two daughters in Indiana before moving to Illinois.

The families settled in Clay and Jasper counties, Illinois. Today, many of their descendants still live there.
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